A message from Chris Urquhart, director of Immediate Communications


The current pandemic is causing great distress and heartache around Australia and around the world.¬† My wish for you, your family, friends and colleagues right now is for good health.¬† If you or a loved one is unwell, my thoughts are very much with you.¬† I’m thinking also of all the members of our community who are suffering the upheaval of losing a job, or who face losing their business.¬† Our health, safety, and survival must be our top priorities at the moment.

At this time, I’m committed to focusing my energy on what I’m most experienced at, and what I know I can do well: helping organisations communicate and tell their story.¬† Accurate and effective communication is never more important than in the chaotic and confusing situation we find ourselves.

Your circumstances have changed and ours have too.  
But here are some of the things we can still do…

Live Streaming

We have a range of live-streaming options available.¬† If you’ve had conferences, panel discussions or other events postponed, and would like to consider an online alternative, there are certainly many possibilities.¬† These can be public or private streams and, if required, can include audience interaction, engagement and participation.

Video News Releases

Our Video News Releases (VNR’s) can help you get broadcast quality, editorial style interview and video content to TV and online newsrooms.¬† They are particularly useful in the current environment where newsroom resources are stretched and where it may be impractical or unsafe to have several journalists or camera crews visiting a premises.¬† Our VNR’s have a strong track record of helping organisations secure media coverage.¬† When we create a VNR, we can also create video content for you to use in your own channels.

Social and Internal Video Content

Beyond VNR content for the media, we are continuing to create engaging video storytelling for businesses to use and share on their social media, internal channels and elsewhere.¬† It is one thing to be sending emails and other communications to your stakeholders, clients and the general public, but it’s quite another when they¬†hear¬†directly from you and¬†see¬†what you are doing via video.¬† We’re able to work within the safety guidelines to continue to create this content for you.

A Nationwide Network of Video Crews

Although travel is not possible at the moment, we do have access to camera crews in each state of Australia and in several overseas locations as well.  Through our cloud based structure we can transfer video content in our system quickly and effectively, with post production carried out at headquarters in Sydney.  

Media and Presentation Skills Training

We are now delivering our training sessions exclusively online.¬† The principles and practical nature of training continues, and we have already run several successful sessions through Zoom in both 1-on-1 and small group settings.¬† If your staff are working from home, they can still participate, and they can do so as a team if that’s what you’d like to do.¬† Most of our recent media training sessions have included interview rehearsals and scenarios based around Covid-19.¬† Clearly the current climate has brought into heightened awareness the need for business and organisational leaders to be able to communicate clearly and effectively, especially in a crisis.

All of this aside, the good of our community and the health and safety of everyone is our only priority throughout this crisis.¬† I want to really extend my warmest possible wishes that you, your family and your colleagues all remain safe and in the best of health at the moment.¬† That’s all that matters.

Chris Urquhart