Chris Urquhart’s onlineedge program was developed during the pandemic, to help participants improve their presentation and delivery skills in the online environment.

The onlineedge program contains the key learnings of the confidenceedge program, adapted for the online environment and audience.

  • Master Zoom, Teams and Webex meetings and presentations
  • Learn ways to engage audiences online
  • Improve your technical set-up
  • Boost interaction in online meetings and webinars
  • Tailor visuals and slides to the online environment
  • Deliver with enthusiasm even when you’re alone
  • Improve eye contact and connection online

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    Work with an experienced presenter

    With more than 15 years experience at the top of his game as one of Australia’s most popular and respected journalists, Chris Urquhart is the obvious choice as trainer when it comes to sharpening your team’s presentation skills.  He uses his TV experience at Today, A Current Affair, ABC’s 730 and Nine News to help you improve your own storytelling ability.

    Presenting Online

    The rise of working from home, and remote meetings during the pandemic has demonstrated the need for a new workplace skill: online presentation.  Presenting online has unique challenges.  In the program, Chris Urquhart helps you understand the online environment and how to tailor your delivery, when you’re not face-to-face with your audience.

    A focus on audience

    When it comes to online presentation, many people forget that their delivery must be absolutely tailored to the audience who are watching.  But engaging people online can be difficult.  Our training looks at skills and techniques to bridge-the-distance when it comes to online delivery.

    Media Training Australia - Chris Urquhart asking question to media training participant on camera

    Gain Confidence

    The onlineedge program incorporates all the best features of Chris Urquhart’s in-person confidenceedge program, but tailored to the online landscape.  We still utilise the best frameworks for structuring and developing a presentation, regardless of the space.




    • Unlimited Participants
    • 60 Minutes Duration
    • Q&A Session

    Empower your team with the best of onlineedge, condensed into a one-hour masterclass.  Chris Urquhart will walk you through his 10 Golden Rules for presenting online.  It’s an experience that will forever change the way you meet and present online.

    3x 1 hour sessions

    • 1-8 Participants
    • Three, one-hour sessions, taught over the course of a week
    • Participants develop their own presentation and deliver it in the final session
    • We can create a training package that suits your needs and objectives.
    • We can build a bespoke training experience for your needs, including multi-day options, crisis training and more.
    • We can an offer a longer-term learning experience, spread over weeks or months
    • We can cater for large groups of 50+ participants.
    • We also offer refresher courses.
    • Contact us today to arrange the ultimate experience for your team.