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“Making News” by Chris Urquhart

“Making News: The Ultimate Guide to Handling the Media” is a vital media training resource for executives, leaders and spokespeople.

Making News draws on Chris Urquhart’s vast experience as a journalist and media trainer to give you the confidence you need to shine as a spokesperson.

Making News helps you understand how journalists work, learn about different styles of interviews, set goals and choose key messages, cope with difficult questions, improve delivery and presentation and get strategies to remain calm and relaxed, even when under the bright lights in a tough media interview. The book covers preparation for television, radio, print and online interviews, and includes an easy, five-step plan to prepare for any media interview.

Making News also includes case studies of real interviews with world leaders, politicians, business leaders, sportspeople and entertainers so you can learn the mistakes to avoid on the way to delivering a successful interview.

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