Our Headquarters

Immediate Communications headquarters is in Alexandria in Sydney.  It’s the perfect location to host you for mediaedge, confidenceedge and all of our other training programs.  With our platinum studio training packages, you’re welcome to join us for an entire day and enjoy a fully immersive, highly practical training experience.

Our headquarters is part of the Workit Complex, and the features include:


The auditorium is a great spot to get confident speaking and presenting in a realistic setting in front of a large group.  We use the auditorium in conference set-up for presentation training during the confidenceedge program and as an intimate setting for panel  and TV interviews during the mediaedge program.


The podcast/audio studio caters for up to four guests.  We use the studio as a realistic interview environment during mediaedge training programs, when we rehearse both radio and podcast style interviews.  It’s an authentic experience, with a fully soundproofed booth, studio headphones and more.  


The white cyclorama video studio allows us to stage elaborate “sit down” style interview set ups.  In our video studio, we can replicate the intensity of a long-form investigative television interview.


The large boardroom/training room is a relaxed environment to discuss ideas and work on the theoretical aspects of training for all of our courses.